Gypsum Partitions For Interior Design In Doha, Qatar

Gypsum Partitions For Interior Design In Doha, Qatar

Real estate businesses in Qatar have flourished ever since it has seen revenue from oil and natural gas resources. Qatar being a very young country has turned into a business hub with many nationalities working in Qatar. The increase in business has resulted in many high rise buildings that have ultramodern architecture and engineering. The demand for quality in properties is fulfilled by interior design companies in Doha. There is great competition in the real estate business and builders and real estate dealers and owners look to interior designing companies to increase the value of property.

Interior designing has become an integral part of the architecture. Real estate owners and builders take special care for interior designing of spaces to increase the market value of the property and also to increase demand. Properties may even be refurbished with interior designing to make them more appealing and functional. Either the complete space may be refurbished or just parts of the interiors. Changing the furniture in itself can change the entire look of the room. Changing colour of the wall paint is probably the cheapest way of changing how the room looks. Incorporating false ceilings is another easy way of transforming the room entirely. Changes in lighting also can be done to add style to a room.

Often large spaces like workspaces need to be partitioned to create smaller functional spaces in such a manner that it can be easily redesigned if necessary. Partitions may be made of several materials such as fibreglass, wood, gypsum, plywood or any such material that isn’t too bulky and may be easily replaced if necessary. In other spaces which may already be in use or even brand new spaces have ceilings that are the widest expanse visible. The ceiling can be face lifted with false ceilings made of several kinds of materials. Gypsum is a material ideal in both these situations because of its lightweight and fireproof qualities. It has several other features and can be easily modified for suitable designs. Gypsum partitions in Doha, Qatar are in great demand for corporate and commercial spaces.

Gypsum Boards are one of several building materials called gypsum panel products. All gypsum panel products contain a non-combustible gypsum core faced with a variety of different materials, including paper and fibreglass mats. Gypsum wallboards are suitable for most types of interior decoration by creating a continuous surface. Gypsum is found in a crystalline form known as calcium sulphate dehydrates in sedimentary rock formations. Both mined and synthetic gypsum are used in the production of gypsum boards.

gypsum partitions interier designGypsum board for partition is available in plain and PVC laminated finishing. The latter one has the advantage of the easy removal of grease and stain. A metal stud is being covered on either side by pieces of gypsum boards. All electrical wirings and cables are concealed within the space between the boards. Installing sound absorbing materials inside the cavity helps to improve its sound isolation capacity. Gypsum boards are available as regular and Type X with different thicknesses (1/4″, 5/16″, 3/8″, 1/2″, 5/8″, 3/4″ etc.) for varying applications. Standard gypsum boards are 48″ wide and 8, 10, 12 or 14 feet long with round, tapered, square, bevelled or tongue and groove edges.

Some common types of gypsum boards are:

  • Impact-resistant gypsum panels: resistant to the impact of solid objects.
  • Regular gypsum board: used on walls and ceilings.
  • Type X gypsum board: used in fire rated assemblies. Contains special core additives for fire resistance. It has a pre-decorated finish.
  • Water-resistant gypsum board: used as a base for ceramic or plastic wall tiles. It has a water resistant core and a water repellent paper.
  • Type C or Proprietary Type-X gypsum board: with improved fire resistive properties.
  • Mold-resistant board: No growth of molds or mildews on the surface.
  • Non-paper-faced gypsum board: has a facing other than paper.
  • Sag-resistant board: resistant to sagging.
  • Gypsum liner board: available in ¾ or 1-inch thicknesses.
  • Abuse-resistant gypsum panels: greater resistance to abrasions.
  • Gypsum sheathing: used as a protective sheath under wood siding, masonry veneer, stucco and shingles. It provides protection against fire, wind and water. It also adds stability to the structure. It’s also available with a glass mat facing.
  • Gypsum base eased edge gypsum board: has a tapered and slightly rounded or bevelled edge.
  • Foil-backed gypsum board: the back surface is laminated with aluminium foil as a vapour barrier.
  • Exterior gypsum soffit board: available in 1/2 or 5/8 –inch thicknesses.

Advantages of Gypsum Board Partitions

There are a number of advantages of using gypsum board partitions over other materials.

  • Its non-combustible core makes gypsum board a fire resistive building material. The core consists of 21% water which under high heat is released as steam and very effectively retards the spread of fire.
  • Gypsum board has a low flame spread index and a low smoke density index.
  • High-quality walls and ceilings are constructed out of gypsum board that imparts stability and durability to the structure.
  • Their relatively large size makes gypsum board panels cover large areas quickly.
  • The lightweight material eases its handling. Also, their installation needs very few tools.
  • Gypsum walls and ceilings provide very efficient acoustic insulation.
  • It’s a very cheap building material with very low installation costs.
  • Suitable for any decoration.
  • Smooth and crack-free surfaces.
  • Gypsum boards are 100% recyclable.


  • It reflects sound.
  • Gets easily damaged when exposed to moisture and supports the growth of moulds.


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