Personal Training

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Get personalized training at a reasonable price! We have experienced and certified trainers to guide you throughout the personal training sessions. They provide support, guidance and instructions to motivate you and help you in reaching your fitness goals. You will learn to effectively and safely train while renovating your mind and body. We welcome all fitness levels.

Personal training information
Develop long and short term fitness goals
Create a personal workout plan
Improve personal experience knowledge
Master proper exercise systems
Incorporate flexibility, strength, resistance, balance and cardiovascular training

Initial training package

We request our new clients to start with our initial training package. It will include two – sixty minutes personal training sessions.

In the first sixty minutes session, you will receive a brief health history. Our trainers will assess your physical health by taking certain tests and physical activities. We will help to set realistic and clear fitness goals.

In the second sixty minutes session, we will provide instructions on regular and proper exercise techniques. Moreover, we will instruct you regarding individualized workout programs.

Sign Up

If you are interested in signing up for our personal training program, please visit our main center. Briefly describe your goals and available timings for the first appointment. You have to complete the paperwork and payment before appearing for the first session. Ensure to review personal training procedures and policies.

Required paperwork

Personal training registration details

Physicians’ approval is applicable only to candidates who have gone through medical conditions or serious injuries.

Follow-up appointments

After completing the initial training course, you can purchase the additional training package as per your requirement. There are two kinds of training provided – one on one training and buddy training. In buddy training, you will be accompanied by other two to three participants. The cost of the package will depend upon the sessions you are planning to attend.

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