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About Us

Eugene Milonga is a site that provides various and exceptional facilities to people of different ages, from little children to senior citizens. Many working parents look for a safe place for their child after they are back from school, and many young parents look for the right preschool for the child, which will help the child grow physically and emotionally. The staff and teachers at the playschool take special care of your children, helping them with cognitive skills that are necessary for their future. Parents have nothing to worry about when leaving their child here. Eugene Milonga offers exceptional services in terms of health care programs and services for the old age group. For many people, old age is the last years of their life, and they want peace of mind and freedom from worries. Old age is also the time when people start having various ailments. Eugene Milonga helps old people by providing services to senior citizens who are in need of help, in terms of healthcare and otherwise. Of late, Eugene Milonga has moved into the estate sale sector. This is a huge benefit for people who want to clear up and sell their properties, for financial or personal reasons. Eugene Milonga also offers several recreational programs for the benefit of people across different age groups. For those who want to be a member of Eugene Milonga, there are several options available for membership. College students can make use of the discount that is being offered, and there are also options for selecting memberships for specific programs.