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Nose Bleeding

Cold stimulation can make small vascular contraction and nasal bleeding. Also available is clean yarn, cotton in nasal stuffiness, if can dip in some adrenaline or including yunnan baiyao, etc, the effect is better. But must be sitting or lying, and never lie low, because the flat can make head elevated blood pressure, easier to […]

Help For Headaches

There are some of us that have headaches on a regular basis but for the rest of us, they really only happen every once in a while. Just because you only have a headache on occasion, does not necessarily mean that it is something that should be overlooked. A headache may be a sign of […]

Health Care Facilities For Senior Citizens Offered By The Government

Health care facilities for old age group in India are few and far in-between. While in developed nations, the amenities and options available to senior citizens are numerous; in the developing parts of the world, the opposite is true. Most elders tend to depend on their offspring when it comes to healthcare. Where children are […]