Eugene Milonga Dental All You Need to Know About Teeth Whitening

All You Need to Know About Teeth Whitening

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A bright smile with white teeth eludes confidence. If you do not have one, do not fret. A cosmetic dentist will be able to fix and transform your teeth. The tooth whitening process is painless and affordable. The two types of teeth whitening methods are at-home and in-office procedures. However, a consultation will help determine which option will be ideal for you. Most of the population opt for teeth whitening procedures during important life events like weddings or job interviews. If you plan to get this service, acquire more knowledge from this article. Know More

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Types of Teeth Whitening Procedures

Vital Tooth Whitening

Vital tooth whitening is for teeth with nerves. The procedure uses a gel that has hydrogen peroxide, to the tooth surface. The dentist uses specialized light to stimulate the bleaching process when done in-office. Doing so speeds up the process and usually takes between half an hour and ninety minutes.

Non-vital Tooth Whitening

A non-vital tooth whitening is ideal for teeth with no live nerves. Mostly it is for teeth that have undergone root canal treatment. You have to understand that it may not change the tooth color. The stain arises from inside the tooth, and hence it may prove to be ineffective in a tooth that has undergone a root canal. By placing the whitening agent inside, the tooth is temporarily filled. The procedure will turn the teeth white in a few days. However, if it does not work, the dentist will repeat the process.

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Facts About Teeth Whitening

Teeth lose their brightness and color as you age. Dietary habits also play a major role in discoloring them. But it does not mean that you should live with it for life. Teeth whitening procedures, as discussed above, will offer various solutions. But you have to understand that whitening is:

  • Not suitable for people with tooth fractures, decays and orthodontic appliances.
  • Discouraged for breastfeeding and pregnant women.
  • Repeated for patience when the color fades.
  • Harmless and does not pose any threat to health.

Last but Not Least
Though you can regain the teeth color, not everyone has the same result. For a few of them, whitening may not happen fast. Therefore, prevention is always better than cure. Maintaining good oral hygiene is the key. Most importantly, avoid smoking, consuming coffee, and other food products which stain the teeth. Make sure you also check out our posts about Dental Veneers and Braces.

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