Nose Bleeding

Cold stimulation can make small vascular contraction and nasal bleeding. Also available is clean yarn, cotton in nasal stuffiness, if can dip in some adrenaline or including yunnan baiyao, etc, the effect is better. But must be sitting or lying, and never lie low, because the flat can make head elevated blood pressure, easier to bleed again, try not to swallow the blood of pharyngeal stimulation, lest cause stomach nausea and vomiting.

Patients with small nosebleed, usable forefinger and thumb tight pressure on both sides of the nose 10-15 minutes, as long as the patient blood or heat, can not stop by pressure, coagulation, at the same time, take during wet cool towel or an icepack on the forehead and neck, it is to use peipheral vscular meets cold to stop, but this should stay in bed, not activities, prevent because activities again bleeding. Then to the hospital to ascertain the Posted in health|9 Comments »Saturday, April 24th, 2010 Nosebleed emergencyBecause of the dry air, capillary wall elasticity decreased, become brittle, many old people due to high blood pressure, poor blood vessels, elastic easier nose bleeding. At this time, the first head must remain calm, don’t too nervous, otherwise it will cause fear again hemorrhage increased blood pressure. Many people will be taken after the bleeding nose bleeding, this kind of traditional old upward, actually it is very dangerous.

Because nosebleed occurs mostly in nasal bleeding, if upward, blood flow to the will of the rear, oral, nasal airway even lungs, bronchitis, pneumonia caused, the person can cause trachea blocked, difficulty breathing, life-threatening.The simplest approach is to use one finger tight bleeding nose, a few minutes later can stop bleeding. If use cotton or bleeding nose, then plug sponge knead alar effect is better. Also available is the ice cold or baptized in the forehead, towel apply nasal back.

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