Old Age Homes – A Boon For Old People

Old age is a time when people have crossed sixty and are now in the golden years of their life. Earlier, every senior citizen was taken care of by their own families. But the changes trends in the economy have brought in a lot of changes in lifestyle and culture. Many people migrate to other […]

Health Care Facilities For Senior Citizens Offered By The Government

Health care facilities for old age group in India are few and far in-between. While in developed nations, the amenities and options available to senior citizens are numerous; in the developing parts of the world, the opposite is true. Most elders tend to depend on their offspring when it comes to healthcare. Where children are […]

3 Banks & Their Account Facilities For Senior Citizens

Bank account facilities for old age group that offer a higher rate of return are essential. After retirement, one does not earn a fixed amount every month. The sole earning that happens, albeit indirectly, is the interest earned on investments and bank accounts. Since there are not many safe investment tools that guarantee a good […]